Why Self-Published?

Why go self-published?

I wrote my first piece of fiction in fifth grade. After that I did some writing in junior high and then I moved on to some more serious writing in high school. By 1999 I had written a dozen or so short stories and a novel.

Then I quit.

I gave up, thinking I’d never get published. I wrote it off as a pipe dream. I finished school and became a programmer, a job that more than pays the bills and I really do enjoy.

But in late 2010 I heard about the Kindle. I also learned that self-publishing on the device was an option. I got inspired and wrote a novel, thinking I’d publish it myself on the Kindle. Nobody would read it, but that was okay. I was writing again and having a blast. Writing was fun again.

But then something happened: people started buying the book. Before I knew it my little book was selling in the thousands and I was earning a nice part-time salary from it.

My dream had come true. I was a writer with readers.

Will I ever publish through the traditional route? Sure, provided the terms are right. For now publishing myself has proven to be very lucrative while allowing me to retain the creative control I want over my work. I can write the kind of books I’d want to read, the way I want to write them, without compromising. And there’s no reason I can’t continue to do this for the rest of my life.

I’m living the dream and it’s never felt better.