Hire My Editor

Many of the complaints I see about self-published books is poor editing. Spelling and grammar errors can suck the reader out of your story, ruining their experience and getting you on their blacklist.

That’s why you need an editor.

Sandi Powell holds a degree in English and does the copy editing for all my books. She’ll copy edit your manuscript too. She does a terrific job of tightening up the writing while not changing your voice.

As a self-published writer on a budget you might think you can’t afford an editor. I’d argue you can’t afford not to have an editor. In my opinion this is the one job you can’t do yourself. You don’t want dozens of reviews criticizing your book’s bad grammar and overshadowing the incredible story you’ve written.

So now that you’ve decided you need an editor, use the form below to contact Sandi directly via email. She’ll provide you with submission guidelines and a prompt quote for your manuscript. This is a decision you’ll be glad you made.