Final Push – Day 16

typewriter_keysA not-so-busy day in terms of yard work and such. Got up this morning and knocked out around 1,100 words or so before going out to fire up the grill. I’m not much of a grill master, but during the summer I do it a half-dozen times or so. I’m happy to report that all the food turned out great with nothing burnt…and that’s a real accomplishment for me. 🙂

After dinner, I got the kids in the bath while my wife went out to see a movie with a friend. I wasted a full hour on nonsense before finally buckling down and getting some more words down on the page. By the end of my second writing session I had totaled 1,851 words written today for a grand total of 63,723 for the entire novel.

I’m far enough along in the manuscript now that I’m feeling like it might only hit 70k, at least the first draft. I think there are “thin” parts of the text that’ll get filled in with some more words, but estimates are maybe 72k, maybe 73k tops. We’ll see how it all shakes out. I think you have to let the story tell itself and if that takes 70k words instead of 75k then so be it. It’s not like I’m paid by the word. 🙂

Really happy with my progress over the past couple of days. It’s pretty clear how much time my day job takes up, but it is what it is. Besides, I like my day job and the paychecks are steady. If I wrote full time I’d constantly be worrying about being able to pay the mortgage or whether or not we could afford braces for my kid. That would no doubt affect the writing. Of course if I sold like Stephen King, well…one can still dream, right?

It’s a holiday tomorrow, so I’m planning on getting up and hitting the keys hard. I’d love to see another couple thousand words come out of the day. Three thousand would be superb. I guess we’ll see this time tomorrow, won’t we? For now, it’s time to call it a day and watch Mad Men.


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