Final Push – Day 6

typewriter_keysGeez…crazy how the days just fly by. Six days of this already. With my wife out of town, I took the kids to school this morning and then went to work. After work I picked them up and made dinner after we got home. I spent some time with my youngest on his homework, but my oldest just wasn’t having it. (That means, of course, that I’ll probably be up early in the morning working with him on it before I leave for work.)

My wife was pretty tired from the trip, so I got the kids into the shower while she took a nap. I put them to bed and she stayed asleep, so I used the opportunity to get some writing done. I hit around 780 words by 11:00, but that was a good 300 or so shy of my quota for the day. As much as I wanted to just call it a night, I took a quick break to stretch my legs and then sat down and knocked out the rest of my quota.

So 1,118 words today. Looks a lot more impressive than 780, right?

I knocked out a good portion of these words while listening to one of my all-time favorite bands, The Cure. “Disintegration” is playing right now. Listening to genius inspires me.

The manuscripts sits at 57,121 words right now. That leaves roughly 18k words to write (with a 75k target). Scrivener says I need to write at least 1,117 words a day to meet my 6/1 deadline. I really, really need a few days where I can double or triple my quota. Maybe this weekend.


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