Final Push – Day 2

typewriter_keysToday was Mother’s Day, so we did some Mom-related stuff in the morning. My wife decided to chill out by taking a nap, so I took that opportunity to get in some words. Progress was slow, netting me maybe 600 words.

My mother-in-law came over and I did some grilling and light work around the yard. No time for any writing.

Later in the evening my wife went to see a movie with a friend. It was then on to kid duty and housework. I called my step-mom (it is Mother’s Day, after all) and then got the kids to bed.

Finally, time to write. By 11:30 the manuscript sat at 54,543 words, netting me 1,453 new words for the day’s effort. Not the 2k I wanted, but not bad. I have to make 974 words per day to finish the first draft by the end of May. As long as that number is at or below 1k I’m not worried.


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