Final Push – Day 1

typewriter_keysI spent a large portion of the day working with my nine-year old on his homework. He’s struggling with the math (he’s much more right-brained, kinda like his mom and me), so it took a good chunk of time.

I also decided to upgrade my web server, which was running a two-year old Ubuntu Linux distribution. An upgrade was long overdue. Unfortunately, the newer version of Apache uses a different config file, so my server broke. That took me a couple of hours to resolve. It was kinda important to get it fixed since my writer website lives there.

Aside from that it was the normal stuff around the house, taking out the trash and whatnot. Before I knew it, it was 11:00 pm and I didn’t have a single word written.

I busted ass and got in 933 words, a hundred or so shy of my goal for the day. I did finish the chapter though, so it turned out to be a good logical stopping point.

The manuscript sits at 53,090 words now. It’s coming along, although I am a little behind the eight-ball. I really need a couple 2k word days to get caught up again. Sometimes I can cram that in before work or during lunch. We’ll see.


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