It’s Already April?

Somehow, we’re already halfway through April. Not quite sure how that crept up on me. That said, I figured it was a good time to provide an update. Besides, some of my friends probably think I’m dead since I haven’t shown my face in public in months (or maybe years).

I hit 2014 hard, writing nearly 30k words in January. I know that’s not a lot for some folks, but it is for me. Then February came and work got busy with a trip to San Francisco and some deadlines.

By the time April rolled around, I was burnt.

I suppose it’s inevitable, since I’ve been running hot since the end of 2010. I’ve written three novels, a novella and a bunch of short stories. I also have two partially-finished novels in the wings. I’ve done a lot of re-writing as I’ve learned how to be a better writer. Thousands of hours. All that with a full-time programming job, a wife and two kids. I think the hours just got to me.

“So, stop whining,” you say. To which I respond, “Yeah, yeah…I know.”

But seriously, I think I just needed a break. So after pushing through March with revisions to my sci-fi novel, I took the first week of April off. I think it did me some good, because I’m feeling anxious to get back to work. Plus, I buckled down and finished the outline for Badlands #3 and #4, along with my sci-fi thriller.

I’m going to take a month and finish that sci-fi book’s first draft. Then I’ll tuck it away and finish the first draft of Badlands #3. If all goes well, Badlands #3 will be out by the fall. I might even have that sci-fi book out this year too. After that, I’ll hop on Badlands #4 and finish up the series.

Going forward, I’m looking at my writing schedule to see where I can build in some time off. I might take off one weekend a month. Sure, it’ll slow me down a bit, but if I burn myself out I’m stopping production altogether. I think that’s worse.

So hang in there; I’ll have some books finished this year. And with some tweaking of my schedule, I think I might actually get out of the house and live a little in the process. 🙂