Expanding Scope

For the past couple of years this blog has been centered around writing and self-publishing topics, and geared primarily toward writers. I’ve enjoyed this and I hope other writers have found some of the information here useful, but now in 2014 I’d like to expand the audience by better including readers.

I tend to keep to myself. I don’t bother others with my problems, I don’t tweet about what I ate for dinner, I don’t status update on Facebook when I’m cut off in traffic. I go through life figuring that most people do not give a shit about what I’m doing or thinking, so I don’t bother them with it in the first place.

But after listening to the Self-Publishing Podcast I heard one of those guys say something important:

You’re not your readers.

I talked this over with my wife (who’s on Facebook pretty regularly) and she agreed. All that got me thinking and made me realize that I can’t think of my readers as extensions of myself. So I switched viewpoints and started to think  more as a reader than a writer. I reminded myself of how much I enjoy reading Stephen King’s “author’s notes” found in many of his books; you know, the stuff he addresses to “Constant Reader”. I realized how much I enjoy reading about the process behind the story, the anecdotes surrounding it, the meaning and themes being conveyed.

I guess in many ways this has been unconscious, because I’ve been putting an afterword in my novels since releasing The Desolate in 2012.

So I thought, maybe the blog could serve as an extension of these afterwords. Like a series of author’s notes. I can only manage writing a novel or two per year, but I can update this blog more often. I don’t see much value in sharing the nitty-gritty details of my personal life, but my thoughts and ideas, the anecdotes surrounding the genesis of my novels, all that stuff is fair game. And that might be interesting to readers.

So far in 2014 I’ve been very productive. I’ve been meticulously tracking my time to ensure that I’m spending it wisely. As a result, Revenge In the Badlands (Badlands Series #3) is coming along nicely and I’ve been making good progress on the edits for The Crossover Gene (my sci-fi thriller). With the time I’m not wasting, I should be able to deliver more blog posts, especially now that I have a better idea of what to write about.

So if you dig those afterwords I put in the books and you want to know a little bit more about how and why I write what I do, then subscribe to the blog or come back periodically for more. I think it could be fun for both of us.