Has The Long Tail Finally Arrived?

Author Scott William Carter wrote an excellent article recently that sums up what I’ve been kinda thinking (but he puts it more succinctly than I think I could have).

Sales are down for a lot of indie writers these days (me included) and I no longer think it’s seasonal. Maybe it’s the long tail, maybe it’s the death of the Agency model, maybe Amazon’s algorithms no longer favor indies. Nobody really knows for sure, but something is surely up.

The drop in sales means I won’t be getting decent paychecks anytime soon, but I won’t lose my house or have to go on welfare. That’s one of the up sides to being a part-time writer; I have a full-time job to pay the bills.

Diminishing sales, however, means that my readership will grow more slowly. But I’ve wanted to be a writer, writing for readers, all my life. Self-publishing still allows me to do that. And I have no plans on stopping, even if sales dry up altogether.

One thing I’ve learned is that writing and publishing is a dynamic business and it’s hard to say where things will be a year, two years or five years from now. Sales might continue to plummet, hold steady, or I could write the next Fifty Shades of Grey (well, maybe not). Point is, the future has yet to be written.

Scott suggests it’s still the best time ever to be a writer and I tend to agree with him.

Check out Scott’s article here. It’s worth the read.