Two Years In

Today marks the two-year anniversary of my foray into the world of self-publishing. On September 3, 2011 I published Into the Badlands, a post-apocalyptic thriller. Since then I’ve published a collection of short stories, a horror novel, and a short story. I’ve written a good chunk of a sci-fi novel (yet to be published) and I’m nearing release of my first novel’s sequel, Beyond the Badlands.

So I thought it fitting to use this opportunity to talk about the state of things today, two years in.

I’ve pretty much given up on KDP Select. Although Amazon is still the thousand pound gorilla in the room, not all my readers have a Kindle. My non-Amazon sales haven’t been staggering, but they’re consistent. Over the past two years Amazon sales have accounted for 97.6% of my units sold. Non-Amazon sales sit at 2.4%. Had my best-selling title not been opted into Select for nine months, those non-Amazon sales would have been a little higher, though I doubt much.

Barnes & Noble accounted for 1.5% of my sales, with Apple coming in at .5%. Kobo brought in .3%. Smashwords and Sony brought in only a handful of sales. I’ve sold not a single book direct. Seems folks simply do not want to buy that way (at least not from me).

Sales have been up and down, mostly following the holiday trend. I’ve been through two holidays and sales have been wonderful both years. This past Christmas was my best holiday period yet. Conversely, this summer has been absolutely terrible. Overall, I’m more or less breaking even with last year though.

I think part of the summer drop is because I haven’t released a title this year. Plans are that it’ll be out by Christmas, so I should hopefully see a jump in sales over the holidays.

Personally I’ve pretty much checked out of the so-called “real world”. I don’t watch the news anymore and I don’t spend any time on Facebook or any other social media site. I don’t check sales very often (a few times a month) and I’ve even cut back on the number of self-pub blogs I read. I don’t listen to self-important dinosaurs or self-pub zealots. Instead, I’ve been redirecting that time into my writing and my family. As a result I’m more productive and happier.

Unfortunately I’ve still been reading my reviews, something I said I wouldn’t do anymore. But at least I’m not letting it get to me, the good or the bad. Hopes are that next year I’ll just stop reading them altogether.

I also allowed myself to get too caught up in deadlines, pressuring myself to work, work, work. My wife had to call me out on it, which ultimately ended up being a good thing. You’ll probably not be seeing two novels a year out of me, but I’m shooting for one per year. Pretty reasonable with a full-time career and a family to contend with.

The upside of slowing myself down is that I’m enjoying the writing again. I can see it in the work, too. The quality is better because it’s fun again, less of a chore. Besides, there are plenty of great writers and great books out there. It’s not like folks won’t have something else to read between my releases. I’d rather release fewer good books than more bad books and I think most readers would agree.

Speaking of releases, my new release mailing list has seen some action. I set it up at the end of last year and it’s slowly growing. When my new books come out, those on the list are notified first thing, before anyone else. It’s a great way to connect directly with fans and get some momentum behind a book right after release.

Two years in, I’ve begun to settle in. I’m a working, part-time writer. I’m focusing on that writing and having fun with it. The rest will fall into place.

So what’s next from me? Beyond the Badlands is my first priority. Once that’s out then I’ll pick up the sci-fi novel again and finish it. After that, Into the Badlands Book Three (and after that, book four). I’ve got a half-dozen ideas for novels waiting in the wings, so there’s no shortage of inspiration (only time).

Write, release, repeat. That’s the long-term mantra.

I’m looking forward to another year of more writing, more books and more fun. I hope all of you are too.


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