Planning Out the Remainder of 2012

Now that The Desolate is finished and unleashed upon the masses, I figured it’s time to plan out the rest of 2012.

Not sure how interesting this will be to most, but I figure since I’ve sold a few books there might be someone out there interested in what I’m working on and what can be expected to come down the pike by end of year.

As far as novels go, The Desolate is it for 2012. I could maybe squeeze one out by year end if I didn’t work full-time, but it is what it is. That said, I still have four months in which to write the first draft of Beyond the Badlands, the sequel to my debut novel. I’m fairly confident that I can get the first draft of the manuscript finished by the end of December, so that means come 2013 I’ll have only a couple months’ worth of editing work before it’ll be ready to send off to my editor and proofreader.

I said there are four months left in 2012 for Beyond the Badlands because I’m not counting November. I agreed to a NaNoWriMo challenge with a couple friends, so I’m committed to trying to finish the first draft of a book I’m calling The Crossover Gene. It’s a horror/sci-fi novel I’ve had outlined for maybe a year or so, but haven’t had time to write. Looks like that’s about to change.

I will, however, have a novella out before the end of 2012. Muster Drill, a short work about a “zombie” infection aboard a cruise ship in open waters, will be available this fall. The first draft is finished, so now it needs my final edits before the manuscript goes to my editor and proofreader. I’m shooting for a September or October release.

Next year should see the release of two novels which I’m totally psyched about. After that maybe I’ll take a break and try not to work so hard.

That’ll be the day.


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