The View From 20,000 Feet

It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the details.

Back in January my novel, Into the Badlands, was rising in the rankings. It hovered for a long while around 2,000 in the paid Kindle store, selling an average of 34 copies per day.

But in February it dropped and continued to drop thereafter. By May the trend had reversed and I’ve been seeing an increase lately. Still, the book fluctuates a lot around the 6,000 to 10,000 range.

I find myself getting a little too caught up in all that. From time to time I find it valuable to look at the big picture. The macro viewpoint. The view from 20,000 feet. The forest instead of the trees.

Looking at sales from the beginning of the book’s public release, I can see a very consistent pattern. Those minor fluctuations seem pretty trivial in the grand scheme of things. That line is a hell of a lot closer to #1 than it is to 1 million.

The view from 20,000 feet looks very good, indeed.


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