Trying Something New

Since I finished up the final draft of my horror novel, The Desolate, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus. In the past I’ve found that it was a struggle forcing myself to write everyday, but now it seems the shoe is on the other foot and I’m finding it difficult to not write every day.

I have a tendency to overwork myself as it is, so the forced downtime has been good. Of course I haven’t been completely idle; I’ve worked out the rest of the outline for the sequel to my debut novel, Beyond the Badlands, and I fleshed out the outline for a novella I’ve had in the back of my head for the past six months or so.

This novella is what I want to talk about now.

I plan to start writing the first draft of Beyond the Badlands on July 1st. Including today that gives me six days. My goal is to finish this novella in those six days. So 20,000 words, divided by 6 days is 3,333 words per day.

Can I do it? Hard to say. But this is something I’ve never done before, setting a lofty goal of so many words in a short time. I figure it’ll prime the pump and get me back into the swing of things while also providing me with a nice little piece of fiction to offer.

This novella will center around zombies and a cruise ship. The zombies are really infected humans, but it’s close enough. The working title is Death Ship. I plan to offer it for $1.99 and see how well it does. In it will also be preview chapters of my debut novel Into the Badlands. I figure it’s a cheap way for someone to sample my work while also providing a nice little installment to fill the void until Beyond the Badlands is completed.

In addition to all that, I figure I’ll opt it in to KDP Select and promote it with the free days. While I’m not much into giving away full-length novels for free, this kind of short fiction seems a perfect loss leader to drum up interest in my other work. A big part of self-publishing is experimentation, so we’ll see how it all plays out.

So hopefully I’ll be reporting back in six days with news of the impending release of this little piece of fiction. In fact, I’d better get started now; this book isn’t going to write itself.


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