Transparency In Indie Publishing, Apr. 2012

I discussed my 30 day pricing experiment at length here, so i won’t rehash that in this post. Since I raised the price of the book in late March and dropped it back down around the third week of April my numbers are going to be a little inconsistent. That said, here’s a quick overview of how things went:

Into the Badlands sold 328 copies on the Kindle in April. The book also had 27 borrows. It sold 5 paperbacks. In total I earned around $860 this month from this title.

Walking At Night sold 22 copies on the Kindle with 2 borrows. I earned roughly $40 from this title.

Sales are down a bit from last month, but I did raise the price on both titles, which no doubt affected sales quantities (and nullified my prediction of an increase in April). I earned more per sale though, so financially I broke even with last month. I’m pretty relieved with this, because it looks like things are leveling out and not continuing to drop. Next month’s sales should be a better indicator.

I’ve been self-publishing since September, 2011. Since then Into the Badlands has sold 3,192 copies. It went into KDP in late February and since then it’s had 78 borrows. In total the book has earned around $6,700 thus far.

Walking At Night was released in October, 2011 and has sold 182 copies with 6 borrows. I suppose earning nearly $180 on some stories that were just lying around my hard drive isn’t too bad a deal.

I’m also around 30% finished with the final revisions on The Desolate, so I’m hoping that book will be available by mid-summer. I very anxious to get it out there. After that I’ll be writing Beyond the Badlands, the sequel to Into the Badlands. I think that’ll be a good seller, provided the first book sold so well. Plus I’m excited to revisit those characters and that world again.

All in all I’m pleased with April. I’m still selling 350 or so books a month and the reviews are still generally positive. Well, there was this one insane hate-review the book received (it’s now gone), but that’s for another post on another day.


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