Evolution of a Book Cover

I do my own cover art (for better or worse) and most often I work one up well before I even start on a novel. I think it helps build interest having a finished cover sitting out there on my site, visually telling people what I’ve got in the pipeline. It also motivates me a little.

The downside is that I’m sometimes left with cover art for projects that never got off the ground. Other times I think I’ve nailed the image I want, only to find a better one down the road. That said, I use stock images, so that means I’m out very little money ($10-$20 per image) if I never end up using it for a cover.

That’s what’s happened with Beyond the Badlands, the forthcoming sequel to my debut novel Into the Badlands. I’ve been through three covers, but now I think I’ve nailed it. I thought I’d put them out here for posterity and to show what I think was a gradual transition toward the best cover. Continue reading


Transparency In Indie Publishing, Apr. 2012

I discussed my 30 day pricing experiment at length here, so i won’t rehash that in this post. Since I raised the price of the book in late March and dropped it back down around the third week of April my numbers are going to be a little inconsistent. That said, here’s a quick overview of how things went:

Into the Badlands sold 328 copies on the Kindle in April. The book also had 27 borrows. It sold 5 paperbacks. In total I earned around $860 this month from this title.

Walking At Night sold 22 copies on the Kindle with 2 borrows. I earned roughly $40 from this title.

Sales are down a bit from last month, but I did raise the price on both titles, which no doubt affected sales quantities (and nullified my prediction of an increase in April). I earned more per sale though, so financially I broke even with last month. I’m pretty relieved with this, because it looks like things are leveling out and not continuing to drop. Next month’s sales should be a better indicator. Continue reading