Commenting on Reviews

* * * (Opinions can change, seems mine may have on this topic.)

Funny how coincidence works.

Hugh Howey (who wrote the super-popular Wool series) posted an article on his site about responding to reviewers. In it he discusses how he was chided by a reviewer for commenting on reviews of his own books. He says the general idea seems that one should never comment on a review of his or her book, good or bad, period.

Hugh, however, had a memorable experience with a fan as a result of engaging his reviewers. He’s all for it now.

Here’s where the coincidence comes in. Continue reading


KDP Select Promo Results

A while back I mentioned that I’d opted both of my books into KDP Select. In short, KDP Select offers two obvious benefits in exchange for exclusivity with Amazon; 5 free promotional days per 90 day contract and the ability for Kindle owners to borrow my books for free (and for me to be paid by Amazon for each borrow).

I ran my first promo on February 29th for my short story collection, Walking At Night. I didn’t advertise it other than a mention on Facebook (where my following isn’t exactly huge). Between the US and UK stores I ended up unloading 398 copies. I felt those numbers were pretty good. At the time I was charging $1.99 ($.70 profit), so I figured I wasn’t giving up much revenue.

I also placed the first three chapters of my novel, Into the Badlands, as a sample in the back of Walking At Night. I figured that was a good way to capitalize on the free giveaway and get  exposure for my other work.

So, why do this at all? I’m glad you asked. These were my goals: Continue reading

Transparency In Indie Publishing, Feb. 2012

February was an interesting month.

I opted both of my books, Into the Badlands and Walking At Night: A Collection of Horror, into KDP Select. In another post I discussed the reasoning behind this decision. It took a while for Badlands to come down from the other vendor sites, so I couldn’t opt it in until the last week of February.

KDP Select provides me with two tools: the ability to run free giveaway promos on a title and allows Amazon Prime Members to borrow the book. I used both of these tools in February. As an experiment I made Walking At Night free on Leap Day. I’ll get to that later. Both books are automatically available for borrowing once opted in to KDP Select.

Here’s how sales played out for both books in February: Continue reading