“Into the Badlands”…Now in Paperback

I wrote this audacious post back in September about how I didn’t see any reason to publish on paper. At the time I felt pretty strongly about it. Despite selling more books than I had expected, I wasn’t selling boatloads of them, so it seemed a bit vain to go through the trouble of making a paperback no one would buy.

Then something happened; a couple months passed and I sold my 500th copy of Into the Badlands.

After that I rethought things. By then more people had asked for a paperback and since the book was actually selling on the Kindle it seemed like there might be some demand. It seemed less vain to do it. I also felt more compelled to make the book available in every format possible, so as to not alienate any potential readers.

So with that I went through the arduous process of formatting my book for print. It took a good week of work (along with a substantial learning curve), but now it’s all done. Into the Badlands can now be purchased in paperback form here. It’s a lot more expensive than the Kindle version, despite my attempts to keep the price as low as possible. Paper is expensive.

As Into the Badlands nears 1,200 copies sold it seems like good sense to have changed my mind about paper. I guess I must have found that reason I needed.


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