Walking At Night: A Collection of Horror

After six solid weeks of work I’ve completed the writing, re-writing, editing, and compilation of nine short stories into a work titled Walking At Night: A Collection of Horror.  It weighs in around 56k words.

Some of these stories are old, dating back as far as fifteen years.  Those were completely rewritten.  I’m a much better writer now, so I took the premises I liked and reworked them.

Some of these stories are newer, recently written from ideas I came up with over the past fifteen years.

I also included a story I wrote in late 2010, just as I was getting back into writing.  Just some minor editing to improve clarity.

I finished my novel, Into the Badlands, at the beginning of September.  I wanted to produce another work in 2011, but I didn’t think I could finish a novel before year’s end.  I had a lot of short story ideas I thought I could work out by then, so I decided to work on that.  I actually finished it all up in six weeks.

I’ll be spending the rest of the year catching up on some reading I’ve been meaning to get to and fleshing out the outline for my next two novels (both scheduled for release in 2012).

I don’t believe short stories sell as well as novels do, but I did want to get at least one more book out there to start working for me.  This was a quick way to achieve that.  It also means that some of my old stories, stories no one has read until now, are finally finding an audience.  That, in and of itself, is incredibly rewarding.

I thought about pricing this at $1.99, but ultimately decided against it.  I put a lot of work into this, just about as much as I would put into a novel.  It took six weeks to write and edit it, but one of the stories that took me a month to write was already finished.  Not to mention all the time I spent writing the original drafts.  It all adds up to a lot of time spent.  Plus I’m as proud of this work as I would be anything else.  I decided to put my usual $2.99 price tag on it.  That keeps me in the 70% profit margin and shows that I care about these stories.  I think they’re worth as much as a novel.  And $2.99 is still cheaper than a gallon of gas.

It’ll be interesting to see if this book helps drive sales for Into the Badlands.  Walking At Night has been out for a day or so and has sold four copies already.  I’ll be interested to see if this sells at the same pace as the novel.  I still believe at this point that books cross-pollenate, and I’m hoping this will be true for me now that I’ve got two books out there working in tandem.  I want to reach as many readers as I can.

It’ll probably be a while until I release another collection of short stories.  I’ve got four novels planned which will take me two years to write and release.  Over the next two years I hope to get another collection of ideas together, then I can write and release them.  Until then I just keep jotting down the ideas until I have time to work on them.

The future is bright and I’m more excited about writing than I have ever been.  I’ve sold 70 copies of Into the Badlands in the six weeks it’s been available on Amazon.  Not sure how many Nook sales I’ve had.  I’ve received four “likes” on Amazon and just received my first review this week.  Four stars and the reviewer called it a “page turner” and a “thoroughly enjoyable read”.  I couldn’t be happier.  I never expected this much success so soon.  It’s a dream come true.


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