Walking At Night: A Collection of Horror

After six solid weeks of work I’ve completed the writing, re-writing, editing, and compilation of nine short stories into a work titled Walking At Night: A Collection of Horror.  It weighs in around 56k words.

Some of these stories are old, dating back as far as fifteen years.  Those were completely rewritten.  I’m a much better writer now, so I took the premises I liked and reworked them.

Some of these stories are newer, recently written from ideas I came up with over the past fifteen years.

I also included a story I wrote in late 2010, just as I was getting back into writing.  Just some minor editing to improve clarity.

I finished my novel, Into the Badlands, at the beginning of September.  I wanted to produce another work in 2011, but I didn’t think I could finish a novel before year’s end.  I had a lot of short story ideas I thought I could work out by then, so I decided to work on that.  I actually finished it all up in six weeks. Continue reading