“Into the Badlands” Is Finished

After seven months, 84,000 words, and three revisions, Into the Badlands is finished.

eBooks have changed everything for me.  No longer will my writing be relegated to the dark confines of an attic-bound trunk.  I now have a platform on which to distribute my work, the stories I’ve always wanted to tell, and they’ll live and die by their own merit on a level playing field.

I’m not driven solely by how many books I sell.  That’s not the point.

I make pretty good money as a programmer.  I love the work too.  I also love to write; always have.  With the money I make as a programmer I can subsidize my love of writing.  I don’t have to bow to the whims of a fickle publisher, or chop up my vision into baby food to feed the lowest common denominator.

That doesn’t mean I allow myself to write crap.  I push myself to write better with each book.  I can already see myself getting better.  I also see I have a long way to go.

There’s no time to rest on any laurels.  I’m spending the rest of this year working on unfinished short stories and catching up on some reading.  I have about four indie books I’m planning to read.  I’m also writing a collection of tales for my two sons.

2012 will see the release of my second novel, the first in a two-book series.  In my head it’s an epic adventure; I hope to have the chops to capture that in the written word.

So if you want to pick up a copy of the book, head on over to my website and follow the links.  I really appreciate it.

And now it’s back to work.  Take care.


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