Writing and Editing “Into The Badlands”

Everybody goes through the process of writing a novel a little differently.  I’m not sure how many people write about that process; maybe they’re all too busy just following it.  That said, I thought I’d take a break and go through what’s been working for me as I cross over the halfway mark of my novel “Into The Badlands“.

As I write this I’m twelve chapters and 45,000 words into the manuscript.  For the first time ever I’ve been soliciting reader feedback (this is the first time I’ve ever considered publishing anything I wrote).  That has been instrumental in making the manuscript better and, as an unexpected benefit, has made it more enjoyable to write.  Writing is typically a solitary process, but sharing the manuscript with beta readers has allowed me to interact directly with an audience as I write.  I really have enjoyed hearing their feedback and discussing the story and the process with them as I go through it.

I’m using LibreOffice to write the book and Google Docs to share the manuscript with beta readers.  I write  a chapter then share it.  They provide feedback and I modify the manuscript accordingly.  I do this a chapter at a time; rinse, repeat. Continue reading