And Then A Week Becomes A Month

I finished my short story Reflection mid-November.  I took about a week off to clear my head for the next project.

Then I had some extra stuff come up at work that required some overtime.

Then I spent a significant amount of time on reviewing our budget and trying to save our finances.

Long story short, it’s been almost a month now since I finished the story and I haven’t touched anything new.

And so it goes in the world of part-time writing for me.  I’m not going to beat myself up over it; things happen.  Programming is still my primary source of income; I have to respect that and behave accordingly.

Having said that I’ve started tonight on the outline for my next novel.  It’s basically a zombie story at its core.  Not necessarily a conventional zombie story but I’m not going to dress it up and say it’s something altogether different.  That’s okay too; I think everybody’s got at least one zombie and one vampire story to tell – in their own way.

I will say that this story was inspired by three other stories: 28 Days LaterThe Road, and Fido.  They all played their part in different ways, some no doubt more obvious than others.

I would say more but fortunately I’m busy outlining right now.  🙂


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